Top Underrated Bicycle Brands in 2023

Now that cycling is becoming more and more popular, bike configurations are getting more sophisticated and upscale. The cycling scene is full of random bikes with configurations that cost tens of thousands of dollars, and the average person can sigh in disbelief. The average consumer may not even know how to buy a truly high-end bike.

So the question arises: if you love cycling and enjoy the thrill of it, but you’re too lazy to mess around with the wide range of bikes on the market (moreover, you can’t get any results even after a long time), are there bike brands that you can walk into with your eyes closed?

These are the best bike brands for 2023 based on sales of various brands in the market over the past couple of years, and comprehensive reviews from various consumers. Some high-end brands like Lightning, Canon Dell won’t be listed, as they receive more than enough mentions across the media, along with brands that lack in quality. These recommendations mostly refer to top-tier brands that are very cost-effective and easily accessible to the general public, making it more simple for you to search for the perfect bike and deliver an enjoyable shopping experience.


Raleigh is one of the oldest and best-known bicycle brands in the world. It was founded by Richard Morriss Woodhead and Paul Eugene Louis Angois in 1885 in Nottingham, England, then acquired by Sir Frank Bowden and registered as an LLC in January 1889. Bowden discovered his love of cycling after a period of poor health and experienced firsthand the health benefits of cycling. 

Yet Raleigh gained fame not only by helping people retain their health. In 1980 Joop Zoetemelk won Tour de France on a Raleigh bike. 

Today Raleigh is a part of TI Group plc – a demonstrably dominant force in the market.


Trek is one of the most popular and respected bike brands, especially for outdoor activities and commuting to work or school. Most of their bikes hold their value well, and if you take good care of your Trek bike, you can keep it in its prime usability and performance for at least 4-5 years. As the largest bicycle company in the US, Trek is also known for its recreational bikes and good bikes for kids.



Decathlon was founded in 1976 in France. It is now represented on the market with a range of sportswear, sports equipment and gear. Decathlon focuses on the mass sports market, combining sports product design, research and development, manufacturing, branding, logistics and retailing.

In recent years, Decathlon has begun producing bicycles using the B’TWIN trademark (applied to the frame), with a wide range of models including hybrid bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes, and bikes for kids.


Founded in 1982 in the United States, Dahon is known for being the first company to introduce folding bicycles and is the only company that has been named ‘the world’s largest folding bicycle manufacturer’ by Guinness. Since its founding, the company has focused on research and development of environmentally friendly products, and its folding bicycles have not only been trusted by consumers, but have also won a number of international awards.

Dahon folding bicycles fit easily into the trunk of a car, fold and unfold quickly and safely, and have now become optional on-board equipment for many well-known car manufacturers, such as Mercedes-Benz, Toyota and Buick, for their high-quality domestic, commercial and stationary vehicles, winning many accolades and commendations.


Founded in 1966 in Taiwan, Oyama is a major manufacturer of folding bicycles that once ranked first in the Japanese bicycle market. Oyama folding bicycles were once the best-selling bicycles on the Japanese market and were well received by consumers for their high quality and stylish appearance.

In 2013, Oyama launched a branding strategy based on fashion values, drawing on the worldwide rise of the wave of fashion-oriented consumers, and started a fashion revolution in the traditional bicycle industry, moving the focus away from commuting purposes and professional sports.


It’s up to you to decide exactly what you need a bike for, from commuting to recreational activities. Products from these brands make for a good buy for beginners and experienced cyclists alike.

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